Course Syllabus

Welcome to the Stewart Book Scholarship application process. 

If you have applied or received the scholarship before,  you will notice that the process has changed. We have done this to streamline procedures to provide more rapid turnaround times. 

You will be asked to go to "Assignments" to post your requests, and you will receive your approvals via this Canvas site, in the same way that you receive grades. 

Students will be assessed on whether it meets the criteria for approval -- that the student is full-time at EWU, that the book/event is not part of a class, that the book/event is of a culturally-enriching nature. 

Students will be informed regarding the status of their submission through Canvas after the closing date. Details for redeeming awards will be included in that communication. 

We will distribute up to $6,000 per Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. No student will be given an award over $250.00. Students who have not previously received awards will be given priority. In the event that appropriate requests exceed $6,000 per quarter, awards will be given to those students who submitted earlier, however, it has rarely been the case that requests have exceeded this amount. 

Go to "Assignments" now to begin your submission. 

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