Course Syllabus

There will be a couple of assignments. I am taking or following Greg's approach on a couple because they are good ideas.


1: Art/Not-Art (Five to fifteen images or objects you consider Art. Have a clear statement about why you think they are art. Start the discussion here. Share images as you can. The image need not be ART found in a museum, gallery or a pedestal. But this does not negate the plinth mounted object as an option either. PArt of the definition is what you see as ART, and how does it imprint into your life?)

2: Scupture-a-day (two weeks of making as a method of looking at and investigating ideas, and then talking about the ideas, and the making! Simple hard, quick, scale, material investigation; sketched out in three dimensions to see what they look like in the world.)

3: Making, Making, Making! More making enables you to know how to make, and what making entails. It also provides a place to think about why to make, and to react to the why and the object in-itself.

More is More! "Work begets Work!"

Make first and then think about it.

Then make more!

Course Summary:

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